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We build products to help others
Our goal is to empower Generation 1.0
We work to promote Compassionate Capitalism
We specialize in melding social entrepreneurship and digital culture
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We Care

Turning your ideas into social change, empowering innovators. more

We Create

Driving innovation and disruption through digital tools. more

We Nurture

Thinking beyond the short-term, sustainable practices fuel growth. more

We Succeed

Collaboration and cooperation are proven success generators.  more



The term mahj originates from Persian meaning: “To be beautiful after great struggle”. A digital revolution is taking place empowering those who, until now, struggled to get their ideas heard and acted upon.


We are dedicated to empowering Generation 1.0, Compassionate Capitalists, and Social Entrepreneurs with the tools, communications, and analytics to create art, create awareness, and perpetuate good.


We want to make sure that technology helps individuals, businesses, organizations, communities, and difference makers achieve their goals, promote their passion, and inspire others to action..


To do capitalism better. A world where compassionate capitalism is the norm. A world where a consumer can monitor the social impact of every dollar they spend.


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We’re always looking for new non-profit partners, corporate partners, and talented individuals who want to join our team and expand our reach. Please contact us with questions, comments, or just to say hi.

Mahj, LLC
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