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About Mahj

Who are we?
February 2010  |  About us  |  About Mahj

Our goal is simple: Completely manage the new media presence for organizations doing social good. Create and maintain websites, interact and share information via social networks, develop and implement social media marketing and fund-raising campaigns, and develop mobile applications to generate revenue and create awareness. Mahj will handle the new media operations for our clients while they focus on their mission of social good. Our teams work closely with our clients to ensure fresh, up-to-date content, implementing the best and latest technologies and techniques, and constantly analyzing the market to quickly adapt. Our goal is to put our clients at the forefront of new media and to set standards for others to follow, rather than reacting and playing catch-up. Our job is to handle new media and utilize it to promote social good.


By utilizing our services, our clients not only get the highest quality service and products, they also reduce overhead and streamline productivity. The creation of a new media division within an organization takes time, money, and energy. From establishing goals, to hiring managers, to interviewing candidates.

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart
Helen Keller - Author/Activist

According to, a basic team of four web professionals, a web developer, graphic designer, blogger, and social media marketer would have annual average combined salaries of $179,502. The goal is to provide our services for a much lower price-point and having an entire team and a dedicated company-specific liaisonto ensure the freshest content, best use of resources, and best possible product.


Mahj wants to use its expertise and passion for the digital age to create a beautiful world. We want to help make your organization's goals a reality.

Sliding Scale

Inspired by the Aravind Eye Hospital, Mahj allows our clients to pay on a sliding scale. We will not determine who and who is not worthy of our services based off of their bank account. We will not scoff at small projects or be overwhelmed by large projects. We want to make sure that every client gets the highest quality service and the best work we can provide.

My goal isn't to maximize return on investment to shareholders, but to maximize number of people served. It's a humanitarian goal.
David Green - Ashoka Fellow

Our sliding scale works by allowing organizations with smaller budgets to pay less for our services by off-setting the cost by charging market-rate to larger clients. If your organization requires more time and work, we charge more. If it requires less work, we charge less. Fair and simple.


One main tenant of Mahj is to generate revenue for our clients, thus off-setting costs for Mahj's services. Looking at revenue and funds raised by Mahj, we can set goals. If we fail to meet expectations, we charge less than the revenue we raised so the client still has a net-gain from our work. We then work harder to meet or exceed expectations so our clients have more resources to do more good in the world. Of course, if we meet our goals, we make more money. The more we help others, the more we help ourselves.

Our Products

Creating new online services and destinations is paramount to our success. Utilizing our skills and expertise, our products focus on how we can better deliver content and information to individuals while helping charity. How can we make it easier for people to contribute to a charity? Our goal is to adapt our products and services so individuals can easily utilize the technologies to contribute. Our products will not ask people to change their behavior, rather we will adapt to their behavior and find ways to make it easier to promote social good, raise funds, and spread awareness. Our first two products are currently under development: Fact-Check (tm) and Music for the Masses (tm).


We know new media. We will make it work for your organization. We will establish and maintain a new media presence that rivals any large company. That is why we created this company, to empower organizations via new media platforms and promote the people doing good in this world.

Our Mission

This is the business stuff. This isn't why we started this company. Read more about our philosophy.

Senior Management
- Mahj LLC

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Just The Facts
Our Mission

Create Art

Indulge the senses

Creating robust and exciting media solutions for organizations trying to help others is our goal. From websites, to mobile apps, to video games, we aim to utilize as many platforms as we can to create as much content and as many solutions as we can for your orginization. We offer a variety of services for your company to help reduce overhead and increase revenue. Read more

Create Awareness

Showcase solutions

Utilizing a myriad of other communication platforms, we are able to highlight what wonderful work is being done by our clients. Information has never been so freely available to so many so quickly. It is paramount that we exemplify the good that can be done by everyday people. Showing the impact of a donation or a volunteer is the way to create awareness Read more

Perpetuate Good

The more solutions being showcased, the more people getting involved, the more people see and hear about the good being done means. We want to use our skills and talents to help inspire good. Inspiration breeds creativity. New thinking breeds new solutions. New solutions means we can save the planet. Read more

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